The Inspired Author Support Kit

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The 11-piece Inspired
Author Support Kit INCLUDES:

  • A template to create your heart-centered book vision, intent and manifesto—so you stay inspired every day.
  • Book Writing Starter Course: 7+ valuable lessons to help you get started with the right book.
  • A Message From Your Muse: Your Sacred Permission Slip to Write Your Book, Shine Your Light and Transform Lives.
  • Writing in the Zone (meditation audio)
  • Meet Your Muse (guided visualization audio)
  • Regular book writing & publishing news, tips, and events -- straight to your inbox!

The Book Writing Starter Course

With this 7 Day Book Writing Starter Course you'll learn just where to begin for maximum impact and effectiveness. You'll learn the habits that make an author successful and get support to establish those habits. Plus, you'll learn valuable tips and exercises to make your book outstanding.

  • Receive 7-days of inspired lessons to get you started on the right path.
  • Find time—no matter how busy you are.
  • Avoid the 5 top mistakes of new writers.
  • Experience powerful book writing exercises to get clear on who your readers are, break through any blocks and stay committed.

What You Will Learn from the
Inspired Author SUPPORT kit

In addition to the valuable lessons included in the starter course, you'll receive tools to help you create a clear vision for your book, bust through blocks like self-doubt or sabotage, connect with your creative source with ease and write from a place of deep inner knowing.

A worksheet to create Your Book Vision, Intent and Manifesto to keep you inspired

Lisa Tener's 7 Day Book Writing Starter Course

Lisa's Writing in the Zone Meditation (Audio)

Meet Your Muse Guided Visualization (Audio)

A Message from Your Muse: Your Sacred Permission Slip to Write Your Book, Shine Your Light and Transform Lives

About the Author, Lisa Tener

Awarded the Silver Stevie Award for Mentor/Coach of the Year 2014, Lisa Tener specializes in helping her clients write and publish a compelling how-to book, self-help book or memoir.  You’ve seen Lisa’s clients on Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN and in national publications. 

In addition to being a published author, Lisa teaches on the faculty of Harvard Medical School’s CME publishing course and blogs on the Huffington Post.

Let Lisa Tener help you get started.

"Lisa Tener is a Miracle Worker"

"Here’s what happened to me, that never could have happened without Lisa Tener and her amazing program and mentorship: my self-published book won a nationally recognized Nautilus award." 

Kimber Simpkins, Author of Full

"I needed a structure. I needed guidance. I needed Lisa."

"Writing and publishing my book was just the beginning for me. I was able to get actress Jane Seymour to write the foreword for my book and Marie Osmond shared it on national TV! The book boosted my speaking  engagements. Plus, I’ve been interviewed on national TV and radio."

Susan Rizzo Vincent, Author of  Dreas' Dream